Organizational development
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- Reduce errors: We can help you optimize your business processes and implement effective control systems to reduce the likelihood of errors and improve the quality of your work.
- Reduce the impact of human error: We'll develop policies and procedures to minimize reliance on human error and create a stable foundation for your company.
- Accelerate job performance: We optimize business processes, remove redundant steps and implement effective tools and technologies to speed up job performance and increase productivity.
- Improve employee collaboration to achieve greater results: We help you create effective communication and coordination mechanisms, team building and leadership training to ensure your team works as one and achieves greater results.
- Achieve greater employee accountability: We will develop a system of task assignment, define areas of responsibility and establish accountability mechanisms to encourage greater employee ownership and performance.
- Gain more control and analytical capabilities: We will help you implement monitoring and control systems, as well as provide tools and analytical methods so that you can gain more control over your business processes and analyze results in detail.
To achieve these goals, we offer the following solutions in a project-based approach:
Business Process Regulation and Optimization: We help you design and implement effective work processes, define employee roles and responsibilities, and develop control and reporting systems. This will reduce errors, speed up job completion and improve overall efficiency.
Software-based business process automation: We offer software implementation to automate key business processes. This will help improve employee collaboration, reduce task completion time and provide better project management and communication.
Implementation of ISO international standards requirements: We can help your company implement and certify to ISO international standards.
For a company in any sector, the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard. For those involved in food and beverage consumer supply chains - ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, FSSC 22000 standards. For sectors with a high number of risks to people and nature - ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. For agricultural enterprises, the Global GAP standard. And so on.
This will allow for greater efficiency, greater accountability, and more opportunities to analyze results.
By working with us in organizational development, you will get a comprehensive approach to improving your company's performance. Our goal is to help you create an efficient and flexible organization.
MCT Agency has been helping companies to implement the requirements of international standards since 2009. In the last seven years alone, 48 companies and enterprises from all regions of Turkmenistan have received a total of 81 certificates with our help.
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Businesses succeed to the extent that they are truly well managed. Management (management) is the main specialization of the consulting company MCT Agency. We help our clients and partners improve business management in general, as well as its specifics.
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