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years on the market (since 2000)
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Customer review
Employees of MCT Agency successfully and quikly coped with the processing of information required for the project, including the technical documentation. At each stage of interaction the project team of MCT Agency demonstrated the organizational skills, flexibility and interest in maximizing customer satisfaction in shorta period of time.
Business consultants of MST Agency have shown themselves as conscientious partners, performing all works qualitatively and in time. Conducted trainings and staff assessment showed their professionalism and knowledge of the real business situation in Turkmenistan. In their work they use a variety of modern business technologies of personnel assessment and development.
Rysgally Pay expresses its great gratitude to MST Agency for organizing and conducting the project "Development of Human Resource Management System and Service". In the process of joint work we received a lot of useful information and made sure that MST Agency is a really progressive team with experience and are experts in their field, thoroughly understanding the peculiarities of the work of business companies. It is comfortable and interesting to work with you. We are fully satisfied with the quality of work done and look forward to continuing our cooperation.
Businesses succeed to the extent that they are truly well managed. Management (management) is the main specialization of the consulting company MCT Agency. We help our clients and partners improve business management in general, as well as its specifics.
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